The Company

Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut factory and headquarters is in Calgary, AB, Canada. They supply chocolate to 30 stores in Canada, which includes 11 in Calgary, two stores in the United States and a distribution channel in Japan.

Cococo Chocolatiers Inc., the Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut company is proud to introduce our new esteemed Maitre Chocolatier, Derrick Tu Tan Pho. As an acclaimed and award-winning chef and chocolatier, author of Chocolate at Leisure and most recently as Director of Barry Callebaut AG's Chocolate Academy, Derrick has built an international reputation for culinary expertise.  His passion for quality will nurture and sustain our traditional Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut products, while his creativity and skills as an innovator will inspire our new chocolate brand, Cococo and lead us in exciting new directions.

Our two Master Chocolatiers are devoted to making approximately fifty exquisite chocolates, all unique and creative delicacies .   Our handcrafted signature chocolates have been applauded by chocolate connoisseurs from around the globe, renowned for our outstanding quality since 1983.  For our dedicated Master Chocolatiers, creating chocolate is not just work, it’s a calling, and we take delight in sharing it with you.

As a Dealer for Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut in the United States since 1998, we are “Chocolates by Bernard” of Lake Oswego, Oregon.  Please explore our website to find the world’s most delicious and “melt in your mouth” chocolates.  Each chocolate averages approximately fifty calories, with many organic ingredients and trans fat 0%.

We ship chocolates throughout the United States via Fedex or the Postal System, including to post office boxes, A.P.O. and F.P.O. locations.

To provide you with our most personalized service regarding additional products, pricing and special ordering information, please call Toll Free (US & Canada) 1.888.829.6800 or local 503.675.7500

Retail Store Location:
440 Fifth Street   Suite A
Lake Oswego, Oregon  97034